About us

Rijk Zwaan South Africa is a wholley owned subsidiary of Rijk Zwaan, an international vegetable breeding company based in The Netherlands. Rijk Zwaan is a family owned company who are currently amongst the top five vegetable seed companies in the world.

Rijk Zwaan in South Africa

Rijk Zwaan has been active in South Africa via distributors for more than 20 years and has become the market leader in cucumber and leafy salad crops. Rijk Zwaan also has a strong position in several other crops in South Africa, such as sweet pepper, tomato and melon. As of July 1, 2015 Rijk Zwaan South Africa has been established. Our employees are experienced and motivated and include sales reps in all the important growing areas and a serious capacity for product development. By developing products and by sharing knowledge and experience about cultivation as well as marketing, our ambition is to help the South African vegetable sector to reach the next level. 

Rijk Zwaan International

Rijk Zwaan puts people at its centre. With around 3,900 employees in over 30 different countries it is devoted to developing products and services with added value for its partners. Our motivated colleagues and the continuous investments we make in research and development result in a truly healthy organisation. We are aware of the big personal responsibility that this position carries. So together with our partners we want to actively promote and stimulate vegetable consumption and contribute to its supply.