Our seeds form the basis for healthy and appealing vegetables.

The world population continues to grow and the demands on food are increasing. That’s why our crop specialists and marketing specialists are in close contact with the entire vegetable chain. We discuss market developments, consumer trends and demographic shifts to identify the right priorities for our breeding programmes. This enables us to launch varieties that offer solutions to various societal challenges.

Solutions for Growers

We make a significant contribution to improving the sustainability of vegetable production by developing local varieties and increasing yield. The incorporation of resistances to diseases and pests enables growers to reduce their reliance on crop protection agents. Additionally, we play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of vegetable production techniques. Our offerings include a diverse range of varieties suitable for organic or hydroponic production.

Blue Leaf™
Although blue leaf is not a form of resistance, it is a trait that helps growers to keep their cucumber crops healthier
Bon Defense™
Cucumber varieties from Rijk Zwaan that are resistant to mosaic virus (CGMMV)
Lt Defense™
Sweet pepper varieties with intermediate resistant (IR) to Leveillula taurica (Lt)

Solutions for Consumers

As a breeding company, we are always searching for special traits in vegetables that surprise and delight consumers; traits that make veggies tastier, more appealing, or easier to prepare. We are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle through enjoyable and attractive vegetable options. By understanding what shoppers enjoy, we create brands, inspiring concepts, and problem-solving traits that assist our partners market our healthy food products.

Fresh, easy-to-prepare lettuce with great tasting baby-sized leaves
Sweet Palermo
Sweet Palermo®
Sweet Palermo® is sweeter than other peppers and is tremendously versatile
Crunchy lettuce
Crunchy Lettuce
The best of cos and iceberg combined
A range of melons which give a reliable and flavoursome product year-round and create consistency on the shelf
A trait in lettuce varieties that ensures that the leaves discolour pink less rapidly after cutting
Internal red
Internal Red
Tomatoes with attractive, dark-red flesh and a deep-red core, which gives them a healthy and tasty-looking appearance.

Solutions for Chain Partners

Many of our chain partners contribute to increasing vegetable consumption by providing solutions in the areas of preservation, preparation, or marketing of vegetables. In close consultation with these partners, we develop variety traits that contribute to their operations, with the goal of improving the efficiency of their processes and the quality of their final product.

Special varieties and seeds that have strong resistances and achieve a consistently high quality
Special varieties to meet specific requirements in hydroponic cultures
Varieties that are particularly suitable for immediate processing
Innovative varieties which can help growers, processing companies and their customers to optimise profitability